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Manufacturing Facility

Lee Brothers – Tuffwear™ garments are manufactured in our own production facility located in Shanghai, China. Strict quality standards are maintained to ensure a first class product. Garment manufacturing quality standards are inspected using Lee Brothers employees based in our Shanghai office to verify compliance to manufacturing instructions. Some key features of our production sites are represented by the following statistics:

  • Land Area - 325,000 Sq. Ft
  • Buildings - 214,000 Sq. Ft
  • Production Line - 158
  • Employees - over 400

Stock Reliability

Lee Brothers – Tuffwear™ will manufacture, embroider and stock your unique item once contracted. We guarantee that we will maintain adequate stock in Australia, and stock at the factory for your normal stock items at all times in order to avoid any unexpected shortage due to strikes at shipping ports or other delays. We also use local contracted manufacturers as back up.

Distribution and Warehousing

Lee Brothers – Tuffwear™ distributes its products from its primary distribution centre in Sydney located at Bankstown, warehouse in LANSDALE, Perth WA, as well as offices in Melbourne and Brisbane. We guarantee and ensure timely deliveries to all sites, after the set up period. National supply is reliably undertaken promptly.

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