Policies / Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Lee Brothers International - TUFFWEAR™ to conduct its business operations in a manner that safeguards and sustains the environment.

The design of our products and conduct of our operations must eliminate unacceptable environmental risks to our customers, employees, neighbours and the communities in which we operate, and must comply with the spirit and intent of all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Consequently, the development and implementation of air, water and waste management control programs are important responsibilities of the management group at each Lee Brothers International - TUFFWEAR™ location. In developing the necessary procedures, preference shall be given to technologies, operating procedures and treatment alternatives that reduce or eliminate the generation of waste. In all cases, Lee Brothers International - TUFFWEAR™ managers should assure an early and complete review of the environmental impact of any significant change to our products or operations.

The company has committed to adhere to the following principles:

  • Corporate Priority - to recognise environmental management as among the highest corporate priorities and as a key determinant to sustainable development; to establish policies, programs, and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Integrated Management - to integrate these policies, programs and practices fully into each of our operations as an essential element of management in all its functions.
  • Process of improvement - to continue to improve corporate policies, programs and environmental performance, taking into account technical developments, scientific understanding, consumer needs and community expectations, with legal regulations as a starting point.
  • Employee Education - to educate, train and motivate employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Prior Assessment - to assess environmental impacts before starting a new activity or project and before decommissioning a facility or leaving a site.
  • Products and Services - to develop and provide products or services that have no undue environmental impact and are safe in their intended use, that are efficient in their consumption of energy and natural resources, and that can be recycled, reused, or disposed of safely.
  • Customer Advice - to advise, and where relevant educate, customers, distributors and the public in the safe use, transportation, storage and disposal of products provided; and to apply similar considerations to the provision of services.
  • Facilities and Operations - to ensure we operate taking into consideration the efficient use of energy and materials, the sustainable use of renewable resources, the minimization of adverse environmental impact and waste generation, and the safe and responsible disposal of residual wastes.
  • Research - to conduct or support research on the environmental impacts of raw materials, products, processes, emissions and wastes associated with the enterprise and on the means of minimising such adverse impacts.
  • Precautionary Approach - to modify the manufacture, marketing or use of products or services or the conduct of activities, consistent with scientific and technical understanding, to prevent serious or irreversible environmental degradation.
  • Contractors and Suppliers - to promote the adoption of these principles by contractors acting on behalf of the Company, encouraging improvements in their practices to make them consistent with those of the Company; and to encourage the wider adoption of these principles by suppliers.
  • Emergency Preparedness - to develop and maintain, where significant hazards exist, emergency preparedness plans in conjunction with the emergency services, relevant authorities and the local community, recognizing potential trans-boundary impacts.
  • Transfer of Technology - to contribute to the transfer of environmentally sound technology and management methods throughout the industrial and public sectors.
  • Contributing to the Common Effort - to contribute to the development of public policy and to business, governmental and inter-governmental programs and educational initiatives that will enhance environmental awareness and protection.
  • Openness to Concerns - to foster openness and dialogue with employees and the public, anticipating and responding to their concerns about the potential hazards and impacts of operations, products, wastes or services, including those of trans-boundary or global significance.
  • Compliance and Reporting - to measure environmental performance; to conduct regular environmental audits and assessments of compliance with Company requirements, legal requirements and these principles; and periodically to provide appropriate information to all Stakeholders.

It is the responsibility of the management group at each location, to have in place programs and procedures to comply with these principles.

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